**Healing Your Heart: Rewrite Your Story with Awareness and Intention by Tris Thorp

The past does not have to determine your present—if you choose to heal it. 

As human beings, we’re born with a complex mental/emotional system. Yet we’re not necessarily taught how to use that system to create the lives we desire. 

As a result, many of us feel stuck in the pain of the past and the uncertainty of how to move forward. Not knowing how to process our negative emotions, they fester, poisoning our current relationships and experiences. 

Our emotions create color and texture. What kind of life would it be if we didn’t experience love, joy, awe and excitement? Even our negative feelings are important to guide us, help us survive, even give us the added push we need to stretch beyond ourselves. 

Yet, when we don’t know how to handle what’s going on in our lives, our emotions can sabotage our efforts, destroy our relationships and drive us to make poor choices. 

“I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be plagued by past wounds. My personal journey to healing has not always been easy. But because of the healing work I’m sharing with you in this book, today I experience the peace, love, happiness and success I once thought was impossible for me.” 

—Tris Thorp 

In Healing Your Heart, Tris Thorp uses her personal experience and expertise as well as step-by-step exercises to show you: 

How to make peace with the past and turn painful experiences into empowering ones 

How to deal with difficult emotions in the present and express yourself authentically 

How to relate to yourself and others with compassion and acceptance 

How to create new life strategies that support your growth and unlock your potential 

How to allow more joy, love, expansion and happiness into your life 

“In the pages of this book I’ll guide you on the path I took to heal myself, to heal my relationships with the people I love and to ultimately step into the person I am today. It’s my hope that this book encourages you to find the clarity, the compassion, the strength and the fortitude within yourself to go the distance on your own path—and to truly heal your heart.” 

Tris Thorp has been trained by and has shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, facilitating courses on emotional healing, meditation and higher states of consciousness. Having apprenticed under the Chopra Center’s co-founder Dr. David Simon, Tris co-facilitated the Emotional Freedom and Healing the Heart programs alongside her mentor. Prior to his passing in 2012, Dr. Simon appointed Tris to carry on his teachings in the field of emotional healing. Tris also trained with the late Debbie Ford specializing in Shadow work and has earned her Vedic Mastery certification from Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon at the Chopra Center. Today, Tris coaches clients in a 1-to-1 setting and teaches live programs with the Empowerment Partnership. as a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental and Emotional Release. 

For more information about Tris, her workshops and coaching programs, please go to http://www.tristhorp.com

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