Mental and Emotional Release®

Imagine how different your life would be if you were free from your baggage, your limitations, and your pain?

In Mental and Emotional Release®, Dr. Matt introduces an incredible therapeutic process – MER – clinically and academically proven to be effective in treating emotional and mental issues such as depression, anxiety, irrational fears and phobias within hours, not years. As a therapist, imagine having an effective tool to help your clients become free of depression, PTSD and anxiety within hours?

“This is the type of result we all want for all of our patients. But frankly, before I started introducing MER to my patients, I rarely saw it — and definitely didn’t see it happening as quickly as this.” — Dr. Larry Momaya, psychiatrist

Written in a language both professionals and non-professionals can understand, Mental and Emotional Release® offers real life case studies, an overview of MER and its foundation, step by step scripts to follow, and clinical efficacy studies comparing MER to other therapies.

“It’s straight-forward and targeted. Patients don’t have to re-live any traumas from the past to resolve them, and they don’t have to go into deep hypnotic trance. For 80-85% of my patients, MER gives tremendous relief from their symptoms in the very first session.” —Dr. Patrick Scott, psychologist

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