HUNA: The Higher Self Connection

The Higher Self Connection is intended for those students that have completed at least the Introduction to Hawaiian Huna Seminar. The Higher Self Connection meditation allows you to connect with your Higher Self to gain guidance, inspiration, or you may see symbols or hear messages, but overall you will have a profound experience with that which is your Aumakua, your guardian spirit. This meditation presupposes that you have already released limiting decisions and negative emotions, through a cleansing process, or Noa. You will be guided through the entire process of both meditation and Ha Breathing, as you gently send energy up to your higher self.  
This CD uses closed-eye guided visualizations, so please listen to it in a comfortable, relaxing, and safe environment.
*This is only a recording and does not lead to certification. Certification requires attending the live, in-person training.
1 CD

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